Living History and Historical Reenactment in Minnesota

The members of the White Oak Society welcome you to our web site. We are a non-profit organization providing living history interpretations of the fur trade era within the Great Lakes region. We operate The White Oak Learning Centre & White Oak Fur Post near Deer River, Minnesota.

New for this year we have expanded the time periods that we are going to portray and educate through the “Living History” medium. From the mists of the dark ages emerge the Vikings and the last remnants of the Roman Empire. The medieval period as represented by the centuries from 1200 to 1500 A.D. and the early Renaissance of the 1500′s through the 1650′s, wherein we see the colonization of the new world and the origins of the Fur Trade. Lastly the late 1800′s and early 1900′s in the form of the tractors and early equipment of the small farming community.

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The White Oak Society - Fur Trade Era Historical Reenactment in Deer River Minnesota

Housed within the White Oak Learning Centre are the The Great Hall, The Rick Balen Library, and the White Oak Society Office. Our goal is to expand today’s horizons with a hands-on experience of the past.

Our goal is to research and host educational workshops, history festivals, and other events using the Living History medium. We strive to re-create the various periods of history in as authentic a manner as we are capable and to constantly improve and expand our knowledge and presentations. Each year during the first weekend in August we sponsor the White Oak Rendezvous and History Festival where through our recreation of an 18th century fur post of the North West Company, our growing camp of 15th century Willenstark Company mercenaries and a cast of authentic and colorful characters, we hope to allow reenactors and the public the opportunity to relive the vibrancy and ambiance of times gone by.

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Janet Rith-Najarian
on September 28, 2014 23:54
I just tried this quiz, which is by the PlayBuzz quiz people. I was rather surprised to see question 3--and I think Ben will be too....
Dustin Vaudrin
on September 29, 2014 00:01
Lol yes. Ben has been informed. A few of us saw on Friday.
Julie-Ken Schaar
on September 22, 2014 20:38
Authentic Viking style mail and helm for sale. $125 for the helm and $ 175 for the mail shirt
Julie-Ken Schaar
on September 22, 2014 23:49
Fits large framed guys.
Julie-Ken Schaar
on September 19, 2014 23:53
We are selling our adult's and children's authentic 10th century Viking reenactment clothing. The clothes have only been worn a couple weekends a year for the last couple years at our Rendezvous. The linen items are made of 100% pure linen and the wool items are 100% wool. Men's linen gored kyrtle, rust orange, Size XL, originally $90, sell for $50. **My husband is 6'3", 285 lbs and this shirt fit him comfortably. Men's linen drawstring Anglo-Saxon trousers, green, Size L-XL, originally $80, sell for $30. **There are a couple small tears in the seams along the crotch that can be fixed. Men's wool winingas (legwraps) with hooks, blue/grey herringbone, originally $47, sell for $20. Men's wool 6-panel hat, celery/cream herringbone, Size XL, originally $35, sell for $20. Men's leather ring belt, brown, Size up to 70", originally $25, sell for $15. *Can sell the men's complete outfit for $100.* Women's wool hangeroc (apron), blue/grey herringbone, Size range S-M, originally $65.00, sell for $35. Women's linen gown, plum, Size range S-L, originally $100, sell for $65. **There is a little discoloration around the neckline, otherwise in good shape. Viking/Celtic brooches for apron, originally $30, sell for $20. Leather 3 lace turn shoe, natural brown, Men's Size 8 fits Women's Size 10, originally $60, sell for $30. Women's linen Jorvik (hood/hat), cream herringbone, Size L, originally $14, sell for $5. *Can sell the women's complete outfit for $125. Girl's linen kirtle (gown), purple, Size XL (fits girls size 8/10-14/16), originally $65, sell for $40. Boy's linen bocksten (tunic), dark blue, Size S (fits boys size 6/6x-7/8), originally $25, sell for $10. Boy's linen drawstring trousers, dark brown, Size range S-XL, originally $45, sell for $25. Leather ring belt, brown, Size up to 34", originally $25, sell for $15.
Dan Boessel
on September 20, 2014 01:56
Does that mean you guys are done re-enacting?
Julie-Ken Schaar
on September 20, 2014 02:02
Yes we are. Wanting to concentrate on other things. We will probably still come to the Rendezvous though.
Dan Boessel
on September 20, 2014 02:03
We'll look forward to seeing you next year then. Best of wishes to you in all your endeavors.
Josie Livingston Bray
on September 20, 2014 02:03
You will be terribly missed. :(
John Debnam
on September 21, 2014 00:39
Sent you a PM.
Becky Semmler
on September 20, 2014 01:51
another close by event...and it has train rides!
Julie-Ken Schaar
on September 19, 2014 22:46
We are selling our two 10'x10' each, 100% weatherproof tents. They are in excellent condition, made of very durable, heavy-duty material. These tents are fairly easy to set up and come with all the 2x4s needed to do so. Overlaping tie-flaps in the front and back. Tents were made by Panther Primitives. $400 each. Originally these tents were $1,000 for both.
Becky Semmler
on September 16, 2014 16:48
...need another good cause?
Dennis Keckhafer
on September 16, 2014 21:53
When does the biuld begin
John Debnam
on September 17, 2014 01:35
The campaign itself:
John Debnam
on September 17, 2014 01:35
More about the site (In english):

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